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Who We Are

Here at VizX Design studios, we will envision your dreams and bring them to life. We want a relationship with you. As an Outdoor Living Design firm, we believe you do not need to hold yourself back when it comes to living the way you want to.

Our home is one of, if not THE most important place we will ever be in. The outside is the only place that has a different environment daily. In a space where we create so many meaningful memories and experiences, we often can overlook its great importance.

The time is now to transform your Outdoor Living Space, and we are here to do that with you. We incorporate your space’s interior to blend and transform the exterior while using the necessary materials and architectural styles. Our designs are fresh, modern, and full of excitement. We focus on the details and the quality as we build from a strong foundation. VizX Design Studios is Redefining the Human Experience, and we promise once you transform your standards, you will create your life.

We have used our bar, grill, and fire pit more in the last month than we used our backyard in the last 7 years of owning our home. I would highly recommend Duane and the VizX design team for anyone looking to upgrade their home and create a high-end outdoor living space.
Erik - Naperville, IL