Phone: 331-213-9866
Phone: 331-213-9866
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What We Do
VizX Design Studio, will Show you what your finished project will look like before you begin! We will create a 3D drawing of your project for you to visualize before investing in your project. Create a "fly through" video of your finished project showing you how it will look and feel. If you are dreaming it, we can help you design, plan and control it.

This is YOUR dream. See and plan before the demolition begins!

We create accurate 3D images and video renderings before big money is spent.


Consult and discuss your dreams
  • Measure your space (or instruct you on exactly how to do it) Photograph your current rooms or yard (or instruct you on exactly what we need from you).
  • Create 3D images of your dream (this is where it really gets fun!)
  • Consult and discuss Perfect your dream 3D images Create a "fly through" video for a more realistic dream (woo hoo!)
  • Create blue prints with exact specifications Provide a list of materials Put YOU in control

You now have a realistic plan, video and 3D images. (Wow... It's really going to happen!)

You can buy and build yourself, or hand it to a contractor / remodeler and get an accurate budget.

No surprises. YOU know the plan. YOU know the materials. YOU know how it's going to look.

YOUR dream is in YOUR control!

By providing 3D renderings of construction projects, we give our clients control over key things that are missing in most construction projects:

  1. Control
  2. Comfort
  3. Power
  4. Security
  5. Knowledge
  6. Ownership


Once your project is completed you will receive a presentation booklet with your final design via e-mail. You will get

  • 3D drawings of your project.
  • A blue print of your project showing the measurements of your project, making it easier to build. Everything that we design is designed to scale meaning (it can be build).
  • A "fly through" video of your finished project showing you how it will look and feel (additional pricing per request).
  • Contact to our exclusive partners to help you build the project (upon requested if available in your area).


VizX Design studios will give a quote for each project prior to start. All pricing is based off of job size and complexity. (Pricing may vary).
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