Speaking Events & Seminars

We speak at trade shows, open houses, dealer/supplier events, TV news segments, and contractor showcases across the country. We have dedicated our time and energy to teaching the industry the importance of having a well designed outdoor living space in homes and business. Outdoor Living Spaces are not new, but most people do not understand how important it is to create the right environment.

We speak on topics like home values, spatial separation, shade structures, plantings, picking the right materials, and furniture selection.

“When you know better, you do better.” Raising the awareness will, in return, increase the value of Outdoor Living Spaces.

Speaking Events & Seminars with Duane Draughon

Duane Draughon, “The Outdoor Living Designer,” is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about the right design, the right materials, and the right space that matches the environment and architecture. Duane engages in groups about captivating design war stories, industry value insights, and interactive audience participation. Duane has spoken on ABC, WGN, Trade Shows, real estate broker events, and open houses. Outdoor living is his passion.

Topics Include:

  • Choosing the right materials and colors.
  • Design styles that match the environment.
  • The correct spatial separation for outdoor kitchens, fire features, and dining areas.
  • The “modern” new outdoor living room.
  • How to gain value with a correctly designed outdoor living space design.

Speaking Events & Seminars with Isabel Draughon

Isabel Draughon is the co-founder of VizX Design Studios, Inc. where she oversees the company’s business operations. Her core strengths are in consumer relations, business operations, and marketing. She is a serial entrepreneur and innovator with many successful startups under her belt. She has worked for small, medium, to large corporations, and understands the inner workings of business relationships, which increases company profitability, and raises brand awareness and consumer satisfaction.

Isabel holds a degree in BA from Ohio Dominican University. She brings a holistic approach to the industry; she speaks about the importance of having well-crafted Outdoor Living and how that can bring change to people’s lives. She believes that very well-created spaces can bring happiness and joy to people’s life.

Her speaking engagements vastly focus on consumer relations, business organization, including furniture selection and placement to fit the consumer’s lifestyle. She has been sought out to speak about how to change the business aspects of the Landscape industry from the old way of things, level up to provide the best presentation, and provide the consumers the service they deserve.

Topics Include:

  • Why consumer relations are the cornerstone of the business.
  • Leveling up from the old ways of doing business to a more consumer-oriented company.
  • How a new outdoor living space can bring joy, happiness, and wellness in one’s life.
  • Selecting the right style, size, and material for your outdoor living furniture to fit your lifestyle.
  • Significance of the “work-life balance” to being “life-work balance.”
Duane and Isabel are knowledgeable, talented, and a pleasure to work with! If you’re looking to revamp your outdoor living space, VizX Design Studios does beautiful work! As an interior designer, having an outdoor design expert to collaborate with, like VizX Design Studios is a great resource for myself and for my clients. They are so personable, professional, and easy to work with. They bring their clients' visions to life with 3D models so you can actually see what your outdoor space will look like. I highly recommend working with them on your next outdoor design project!
Sarah Schwuchow