Phone: 331-213-9866
Phone: 331-213-9866
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Our Services
At VizX Design Studios, LLC we provide our clients with the following design services:

Project Management

Landscape Design Services, IL We offer our clients a full and comprehensive range of property management services. It is our goal to provide you with everything you have ever wished for in your landscape setting and keep it within your budget. So what we do is sit down with you and work out all the things that you want from your outdoor space and begin to formulate a plan and design for your property. We provide our clients with 3d designs and rendering of their proposed design which enables them to get a good idea of the end products before any construction has began. We believe that if the design phase is handled by professionals using the latest design software like we do, that you will most certainly be delighted with your completed works!
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Outdoor Living

There is no doubt that nowadays property buyers and owners are placing a lot more importance on the outdoor space of a property they want to buy and on their own backyards. It really is no surprise when you think about it. Having a beautiful outdoor living area provides so many benefits to you and your home. Some of the more popular outdoor living projects include patios, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and spas. Can you just imagine having a fully functional outdoor kitchen in your new patio that allows you to do all of your entertaining outdoors rather than having everyone inside? The sky really is the limit with outdoor living spaces; so talk to one of our designers today and we will make your visions a reality!
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Pools & Spas

Are you looking at building a new infinity pool? Or perhaps a salt water pool? Are you wondering how it will fit in with the rest of your outdoor features? When it comes to the design of the perfect pools and spas we find that many of our clients want to make their new addition so much more than just a pool or a spa. Homeowners want to have a landscape setting that complements their new pool or spa by adding other features surrounding it like lighting, waterfalls and fire features to really make a complete outdoor oasis. Let us help you design the ideal pool or spa as well as the entire surroundings so that you too can have a little piece of heaven in your own backyard! Our professional landscape designers have all the tools and the knowledge of all the current landscaping trends to make your pool or spa a statement feature of your outdoor space!
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