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Glenview, IL

This project is located in Glenview, IL. Glenview is an affluent suburban neighborhood located on the North Shore of Chicago, IL. Glenview is known for it's lush parks and outdoor activities. The community uniqueness has a blend of suburban and city lifestyle.

Our clients were looking for an Outdoor living Space that fits their lifestyle. Several things were a must have for them. Remember it's all about the client's vision and us bringing that vision to life. Below we explain as to why some of the features were incorporated into the design.

A grill island has been placed close to their back door, which gives them easy access to the kitchen.

A Pergola with lights and a ceiling fan was added to the stone patio. This gives our clients the shade and ambience while entertaining their family and friends during the way and in to the nights. The ceiling fan will also keep the bugs off of them during the evening hours.

Privacy was a huge concern so we added a planter wall with large evergreens to screen on-lookers from the street and the adjacent yard. The planter walls can be used for extra seating for guests also.

Lower Stone Patio section is mainly used for relaxation; a "line of fire" was placed to take the place of a traditional fire pit. This distributes heat across both levels of this custom outdoor living space.

The Pond-Less water feature is built into the planter wall. This is fed by an under ground "Rain Exchange" system which collects rainwater from the downspouts. This water will be stored underground for later use.


  • Create a comprehensive 3D visual plan.
  • Create a set of build prints for the project.
  • The design concept must be modern to match the new renovations of the interior of the home.
  • Create a design to handle the standing water in a very esthetic way.


  • Terraced patio decks.
  • Built in grill Island with prep area and kitchen components.
  • Pergola with lights, ceiling fan, and outdoor speakers.
  • A pond less spillover water feature built in the wall.
  • Landscape lights.


  • Water management was a huge issue with this project.
  • Tying in 3 changing elevations from the garage door, back door, and basement level that were in close proximity.

Project General Print

3D Screen Shot Photo's

  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 01
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 02
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 03
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 04
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 05
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 06
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 07
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 08
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 09
  • Maxson Outdoor Living Renovation 10

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