Downers Grove, IL


A little over two years ago, we decided to change how we take on projects. With the amount of passion for each job, we wanted to attract clients who understood how a great designed outdoor living space could make them feel. So we have spent more time developing an infinite transformational business than making transactions.

By no means is this process easy. It means we must turn projects down that do not fit the quality, image, and style we represent. That’s not easy when looking at a low-hanging fruit project that can make quick money. We also have to spend a decent amount of time educating our clients to help them understand the value of what we do. When designed correctly, the outdoor living space brings value to the home and people’s lives.

This project is very special to me because of the entire situation. A few months ago, the homeowner contacted us from a Facebook post. She thought she was getting another quote for a new paver patio until meeting us. Little did she know she was getting an outdoor living space.

During the interview, we talked about the components and style of what she was looking for in a new patio. Then we discussed the budget. She was a little apprehensive over an outdoor living space cost, not because it was more than what she could spend. It was just more than what any other company presented.

The special part of the story begins right here. This new client was dealing with a very aggressive strain of breast cancer. (I got permission from her to tell this story.) a few days before the interview, she started her first rounds of chemotherapy. At the point of writing this story, she is now cancer-free.

While discussing the components of the outdoor living space, we got off the subject and started talking about how precious every second of life is. We talked about how people can live their lives never achieving their dreams. There was a moment in that conversation when we both completely felt the stillness of the present moment. I know for sure a tear came out of my eyes. It’s one thing to talk about life-changing events, but it’s another to be facing an issue that can take the very breath of life from you. It will be a moment that I will not forget. I can spend another hour writing about the exact moment, where I was sitting, the amount of light in the room, etc.

She has always wanted an enjoyable outdoor living space but never got around to making it happen. Moving forward, I explained to her what a new space would cost, and we started the design process. The goal was to create two zones. One for dining and space for lounging with a fire feature.

We love to use many different materials. So we created a stoop with cedar-stained wood, a broom-finished concrete fire pit patio, and a brick paver patio.

This project turned out better than we thought. The plantings around the fire feature area created a homely relaxed space. We also created a moonlight effect by adding a cool light 30′ up, shining down from the large tree to the right of the patio. This yard will have a moonlight shining down in the backyard every night.

We are waiting for the fire feature to arrive this week. The second phase will be a pergola over the paver patio and a water feature in between the two spaces.

Our client can’t be happier. She told me that her new outdoor living space is the best gift she has given herself in years. Those words are exactly what we changed in our operation. We realized a few years back that we help our clients remove their fears and go for something they have always wanted. Once they experience a transformation, their lives will never be the same, their confidence will be restored, and joy will set in.


  • Create a space to entertain small groups, have morning coffee, and read books.
  • Make the new outdoor living space look like it belongs.
  • Create a space for relaxation and healing.


  • Landscape Lights
  • Natural Gas Fire Feature


  • Creating a space that matches the exciting style of the home.
  • Create a small space design will all of the requested features.
  • Work within the boundaries of the yard’s easement lines and existing trees.