Addison, IL


Who wants to wake up at 4 am in the blistering cold to shovel their driveway? Or come home from a long workday to do another shoveling workout. This client had enough, and they picked up the phone and called a few companies for help. Every company was eager to get the job but knew it would take more effort than just installing a heating system. They also needed to find a company that would replace the driveway.

We were called out to the house to put in a bid to remove the old pavement and install a new brick paver driveway once the heating system was in place. We don’t bid on projects, repair, or replace pre-existing work. So it was something that we were reluctant to do at first.

Our “WHY” is to add value and enhance the space of every job we work on. Not just add a patio, driveway, or deck.

Instead of just replacing the driveway, we created a plan to replace the entire front yard, including the front steps.

A few front step treads were over 8″ high, and we changed them to 7″ and added three new landings for comfort. We had new handrails custom fabricated to match the home’s architecture and the homeowner’s style. We matched the walls with the same type of stone that was around the window trim and added limestone coping on the step treads. The flowerbed wall was also tied into the steps with the same limestone coping.

We used a large format driveway paver that could handle SUV’s and delivery trucks. We were not trying to match the house’s color with the pavers because the house is brick, and the pavers are concrete. So we found a color that compliments the house and the stone on the steps and walls.

We finished with some final touches to the landscaping with a few trees and lights. This project really changed the curb appeal of our client’s home.


  • Create an inviting entrance for the new heated paver driveway.
  • Enhance the curb appeal and create comfortable steps to the front door.
  • Match the existing architecture of the home.


  • Hydronic heated driveway
  • Radiant heated staircase
  • Paver Driveway


  • Working with the city and township to clear permitting for a hydronic heating system was challenging.
  • Making sure we created a smooth entrance to the front staircase.
  • Maintaining an affordable budget.