Frankfort, IL


This project is what you would call a true architectural-connected outdoor living space. Every section of these jobs is well thought out regarding design, function, and architectural connection to the existing home. We ensure that we don’t just fill in a blank canvas with a bunch of pavers.

This client was looking for an outdoor living space that fits their lifestyle. They enjoy being outdoors, grilling, and hanging out by the pond. The house had a paver patio with a seat wall, steps, and a lower patio close to the pond when they purchased the house. This was not the outdoor living space they envisioned when purchasing the home.

Several other companies were contacted before us, and all of them presented a bigger patio with more of the same pavers and no attention to the architecture home. It was just more of the same patio but larger. This prospective client wanted a transformation, not a transaction.

We were contacted because they wanted something fresh with newer styles. They saw a few of our posts on social media and decided to reach out to us. During the initial consultation, they said they like to have fun in their backyard. They are known to have a lot of friends over for all kinds of events. They even had a band playing one evening that rocked the block.

From the first meeting, we knew this project had to be amazing. We had to create a seamless transition that matched the home’s architecture. Because of the pond, we didn’t want to block any views. So the kitchen pergola, bar, and spa were pushed to the West corner of the house, giving them a clear view from the main windows in the back.

Because of the slope in the yard, we decided to create two levels with some plantings in the middle and a place for extra seating because of these large events. The lower patio has a rectangle natural gas fire feature and a cedar-wrapped bench wall. The bench wall will be stained the same color as the steps and pergola. This lower area also gives them an intimate feeling with the pond.

The kitchen on the West/Left side of the home was designed for maximum views of the pond. The grill is placed sideways so the chef can enjoy the views while grilling. We also placed a water feature where everyone can see and enjoy the relaxing sound of water.

I don’t think we have to say much about the lights. You can see from the photos that the lights on the steps are outright amazing.

Award Winning

  • 2023 Excellence in Landscape Award
    ILCA Gold Award – Residential Landscape Construction


  • Create a space for small intimate settings and large events.
  • Maximize the few of the pond.
  • Match the existing architecture of the home.


  • Danver Outdoor Kitchen System
  • Water Feature
  • Hot Tub
  • Natural Gas Fire Feature
  • Cedar Wrapped Seat Bench


  • Working with the confinements of the easement lines.
  • Not blocking the main viewing windows of the house to the pond.
  • Matching the right materials to the existing brick house.