Frankfort, IL


Step into a world where architecture and nature blend in perfect harmony. This isn’t just another outdoor living space; it’s a true architectural-connected masterpiece designed to complement your lifestyle and elevate your outdoor experience.

Imagine a space meticulously crafted with every section carefully considered for its design, function, and seamless integration with your existing home. No blank canvas filled with ordinary pavers here. This is a transformation, not a transaction.

When our client came to us, they had a vision – a dream of a backyard that embodied freshness and contemporary style. They craved a space where they could revel in the great outdoors, grilling, and creating memories by the pond. But what they encountered were other companies proposing the same old story – a bigger patio with more of the same, lacking any architectural finesse.

That’s where we stood apart. Our designs are distinct and inspired, catching the eye of our clients on social media, and intriguing them enough to reach out. From that very first meeting, we knew we had to deliver something extraordinary.

With a passion for fun and hosting unforgettable gatherings, our clients wanted their backyard to be nothing short of amazing. So, we crafted a stunning two-level space, expertly navigating the yard’s slope, and incorporating lush plantings and additional seating areas to accommodate their large events.

The result? A lower patio boasting a natural gas fire feature and a cedar-wrapped bench wall, providing intimacy and a breathtaking view of the pond. And don’t even get us started on the kitchen! Positioned strategically to maximize pond views, it features a cleverly placed grill that allows the chef to cook while savoring the tranquil waters.

As the sun sets, our lighting design takes center stage, illuminating every step with a brilliance that’s downright mesmerizing. The ambiance sets the perfect tone for those magical evenings spent with friends, where the sound of water cascading from the thoughtfully placed water feature further elevates the experience.

It’s more than just an outdoor living space; it’s an architectural symphony, a masterpiece that seamlessly connects with your home and your lifestyle. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Step into your own slice of architectural bliss, where every moment spent outdoors is a work of art. Welcome to a realm of outdoor living like no other.

Award Winning

  • 2023 Excellence in Landscape Award
    ILCA Gold Award – Residential Landscape Construction


  • Create a versatile space for both intimate gatherings and large events.
  • Maximize stunning pond views from every angle.
  • Seamlessly match the outdoor living space with the existing home’s elegant architecture.


  • Danver Outdoor Kitchen System: Unleash culinary adventures under open skies.
  • Water Feature: Infuse tranquility with flowing water’s soothing melody.
  • Hot Tub: Surrender to ultimate relaxation and pure bliss.
  • Natural Gas Fire Feature: Ignite evenings with mesmerizing dancing flames.
  • Cedar Wrapped Seat Bench: Embrace comfort and style amidst nature’s embrace.


  • Innovate within easement lines for brilliance.
  • Avoid obstructing main viewing windows, highlighting the pond’s allure.
  • Harmonize materials with the existing brick house, blending past and present.