Heated Outdoor Pavements

Radiant Panel Technologies

Easy Install: Graphene heat film is incredibly thin and lightweight, making it easier to install and handle.

Rapid response time: Graphene’s high thermal conductivity allows the heat film to heat up quickly, leading to a faster response time when activated. It can start melting snow and ice almost instantly, providing enhanced safety during snow events.

Maintenance-free operation: Unlike hydronic snow melt systems, which require regular maintenance due to the presence of fluid and pumps, graphene heat film operates without any moving parts. This reduces the likelihood of system failures and simplifies maintenance requirements once installed.

Efficient heat distribution: RPT’s graphene heat film provides a more uniform and efficient distribution of heat compared to traditional trace wire systems. Graphene has excellent thermal conductivity, which allows for a more even spread of heat across the entire surface, ensuring consistent snow melting without any hot or cold spots.

Energy efficiency: Graphene heat film requires lower power consumption than trace wire systems. The higher thermal conductivity of graphene enables it to transfer heat more effectively, meaning it can achieve the same level of snow melting with less energy consumption, leading to cost savings over time.

Environmental benefits: Graphene is a carbon-based material, making it more environmentally friendly than some traditional heating systems. Additionally, its energy efficiency contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced overall environmental impact.

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heated outdoor pavements