#AsterGarden – Escondido, CA


Ahmed Hassan is filled with passion to assist others and is the driving force behind his latest charitable project taking place on November 21st and 22nd.┬áHassan is fully dedicated to the empowerment of people in general and this project, his third of the year, will provide a serene outdoor space for those trying to better themselves. Having a safe haven while rebuilding their lives from the ground up is an invaluable element in the healing process. Hassan’s team of “Sustainable Heroes” from around the country join him in providing a hand up, not a hand out to those less fortunate than themselves.

As the former host of DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers,” Hassan has become a household name in transforming run-down or dilapidated backyards into luxurious outdoor spaces. He, along with his team, have taken landscaping to an entirely different level where people truly appreciate the sense of creativity, potential and endless possibilities of a blank environmental canvas.

Life hasn’t always been kind to him, in fact, he was homeless at one time himself so he realizes the great importance of giving back to those that are now where he once was. He also recognizes that it takes a team of Sustainable Heroes to assist daily in helping these projects come to fruition. He is blessed with the daily assistance of Outdoor Living Designer, Duane Draughon of VizX Design Studios and Vacation Travel Advisor, Beverly Gallant of TraveLink American Express as well as a wealth of other valuable contributors from around the country who repeatedly step up each and every day to help the effort.t time, Bullock students and teachers have taken time to interact in this outdoor classroom space.