Phone: 331-213-9866
Phone: 331-213-9866
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The VizX Process

Your design begins:

The Consultation - The initial consultation is our first step in understanding style and vision for your outdoor living space design. This is the genesis of forming your plan. We work with you to bring your vision to life.

The Components - We identify the elements you would like to see in your new spaces. Some of these may include a terrace, fireplace, swimming pool, or other unique feature. Once these factors are identified, we examine your homes existing architecture to ensure continuity and flow. This allows us to place your components within the design and to construct a preliminary cost assessment.

The Site Analysis - In this phase, a site inventory is conducted which includes on-site measurements and an analysis of existing site conditions. As the client, you will need to supply a survey of the site and other pertinent information related to the project. Along with your survey, it may also be required to establish site boundaries, grading points and other data.

The Concept Design - A conceptual design is then created by applying landscape design principles to the site analysis and your gathered ideas. The result is a scaled 3D drawing that shows existing structures along with new construction elements, appliances and even site furnishings.

The Final Design - This design is a detailed plan that shows the final 3D design concept in a complete construction overview. These detailed prints specify all critical measurements and materials.
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