VizX Design Studios is proud to partner with architects, builders, landscape professionals, pool contractors, manufacturers, and interior designers on custom landscape and outdoor living spaces. Our clients can benefit from the products or services that our partners offer. Our Partners can benefit from being part of our program by building a relationship of trust between our clients and us.

Our goal at VizX Design studios is to strive and build a network of professionals whom we can collaborate with to provide clients with the best craftsmanship and customer service experience. We are becoming a trusted partner on projects across America, creating inspirational custom outdoor spaces with some of the best home professionals in the world.

We are happy to support client meetings and sales presentations by fully displaying our state-of-the-art 3D design process with finishes and product options. Our unique design process will assist customers with the feeling of standing on their new terrace in person.

We have worked with VizX Design Studios on several projects over the past few years and their unique modern design styles are amazing. They pay close attention to the details and are always on the cutting edge of design. Their plans make it very easy for us to build. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have a unique modern outdoor living design that is unique to their home. Love when there designs pop up in the Bay area.
Joe Johnson - All Access Construction