Who We Are

Our mission statement is based on three core primal needs of the human instinct; Variety, Certainty, and Contribution. We know that it’s essential to structure our operation around these powerful life principles.

Our designs will always be structured with a unique architectural style to mimic the environment around the space. Every design will offer a variety of quality materials, brick, concrete, natural stone, metal, or synthetics, to create a layered space. Our focus is to create exceptional environments that encourage your minds to think, relax, and enjoy the comforts of your home or space. We don’t believe you should settle for less when the best room in the house is the outdoors.

Having the feeling of confidence is the key to your peace of mind. We all want a sense of certainty in this fast-paced, interchanging world of overworked people. We want you to know and feel that everything is going to be taken care of from start to finish.

Our detailed designs create a working environment around quality and craftsmanship. We have a comprehensive process for building the right teams for your job to be completed with excellence.

We ask this question of ourselves as a company daily. Are we adding value to the lives of our clients? Are we adding value to the homes and businesses we serve? When we can raise the value of lives and the value of the property, we have contributed to the industry that we serve.

A Better Approach

VizX Design Studios is a full-service outdoor living design firm. Our unique focus is sensitivity and functionality. We blend the interior to the exterior while using necessary materials and architectural styles to rival any home. Our designs are fresh, modern and full of excitement.

What makes us unique is, we are not a landscape company, deck builder or patio builder. We are an outdoor living design firm. All of the elements matter from environment, materials, to furniture. When your approach to outdoor living means more to you, we are the company to call. From our design team to our installers VizX Design Studio is the right firm to design and execute your new modern outdoor living space.

Our 3D design approach can help you understand any aspect of the project before it’s started. Beginning from bare ground to the final details of furniture and lighting, our process is a breath of fresh air. This is the reason why we are the experts when it comes to outdoor living design and construction.

If you are looking for an amazing outdoor living space design while working with great people, we would highly recommend VizX Design. Duane and Isabel are great to work with, professional and on time. It was so easy to communicate with the team, and our finished design absolutely exceeded our expectations of what could be done with the space we have. Will be using them again for future projects.
Jeff Dalo