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Besides the yearning for a heated outdoor pool, cascading ponds, spectacular fountains and water sprays, what is standing between you and your dream outdoor living Space. Our gardens/backyards have come a long way from being just a space to grow our favorite flowers and almost ornamental plants. They can be, and are now also used as entertainment spaces/venues. Whether you desire to have a backyard in which you can entertain, or a state-of-the-art outdoor living you can enjoy with your family we recommend, either way, that you get a 3D design that roadmaps your desired concept and tells a story about you, your nearest and dearest and your unique life journey. With this in mind and the 21st century’s boundless technology we can combine and incorporate anything, or idea you hold dear to your heart: from just great spaces for entertaining to touches of the English countryside or French Riviera.

What You Need to Know – and DO -- Before Your Spring Garden Makeover!

3D design, which simply means three-dimensional designing, is the way of the future. The possibilities are endless and benefits invaluable. This is where we come in to help you conceptualize and visualize any number of designs without lifting a single brick or demolishing an inch of your existing outdoor. The New Year is approaching and we would like to help you plan your backyard makeover before spring; this way you buy yourself enough time to consider your budget, source materials, and source and vet contractors. Below is how it all works!

Our process of an outdoor living design specialist like us outlines how our plans are generated and what steps are taken to produce and create your dream design. We begin with a thorough analysis of the current conditions of the project site, as well as taking an inventory of our client’s desires. An outdoor living design specialist can change the whole experience, by designing a 3D design, which will help the homeowner to visualize their projects. In turn it will help them with the selection of material choices since they are able to see exactly what the finish product will look like.

A design company like ours is a quality-led business and as such also offers construction oversight services, to ensure that your design plan is executed to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. So whether you’re considering a complete makeover for your property or simply wanting to update your current look, an outdoor living design specialist is the best way to ensure a cost-effective design that makes the most of your living space. Unlike traditional blueprint designing, 3D designs will demonstrate a true-to-scale look-and-feel of your finished project before you even begin the construction phase. An outdoor living 3D design specialist can bring a wealth of knowledge to your project. The following tables outline the step-by-step process of 3D designing, and give you a snapshot view of the features and benefits of using a 3D design team.

3D Design Process


  • We undertake your initial consultation to discuss your dream project, consider your budget consideration and objectives.
  • We also discuss a design proposal that outlines an agreed scope of project.


  • We take steps to measure and photograph your space, and evaluate site elements and conditions.


  • Information from the above two analysis stages is imported onto our system
  • Further review and discussion of your project also takes place here; and -- this is where it really gets fun – we create 3D images of your dream.


  • A further consultation is undertaken in order to further discuss and perfect your dream in 3D.
  • A fly-through video is then created to give you a more realistic look and feel of your project.
  • We create true-to-scale blueprints and put YOU in control.


  • You now have free reign of your project and ready to source contractors to execute your dream.

Features & Benefits

What an Outdoor Living Design Specialist Can Do

  • Evaluate your site and create an attractive layout specifically tailored to your needs and desires.
  • Choose plant colors, materials and pool choices that complement your home and work well for your region.
  • Determine the most effective placement of furniture for comfort and traffic.
  • Aid in selecting an overall theme that provides a cohesive look-and-feel.
  • Furnish you with a professional plan that can be used to obtain bids for quality installation.
  • Incorporate functional features into your property that can make your space more enjoyable. Such features include but are not exclusive to, water features, pools, arbors, fire places, lighting and decks etc.
  • Landscape layout with patio design

The Benefits of Hiring a 3D Design Team

  • Save time and money in the long run without forfeiting beauty or quality.
  • Faster HOA (Homeowners Association) approvals
  • Accurate sizing and representation of project; true-to-scale.
  • While blueprints are vital, 3D design enhances your understanding of your project with a true representation of the look-and-feel.
  • All our designs are undertaken by an award-winning team.
  • Swift turn-around time
  • No more guessing with crews

All we would need from you is five items: (i) concept of design space; (ii) site images; (iii) site address; (iv) existing site features (if any); and (v) planting plan (if desired)

By Duane Draughon
VizX Design Studios, LLC

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