Toll Free: 855-781-0725
Toll Free: 855-781-0725
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VizX Design Studios can design your next Outdoor Living Space anywhere in the world. Contact us today for more information.
Our Philosophy
Backyard remodeling projects have evolved from simply building a deck or adding paver-stone patios. The new demand calls for custom-built Outdoor Living Spaces equipped with ponds, kitchens and water features. Swimming pools are transforming from in ground ovals to pools with edges that seem to fade into the horizon. Each new project is getting more personal to you, reflecting your specific style and taste.

You want to update your space, but aren't sure of where to turn. The first option used to be consulting your local landscape contractor for help in creating your dream yard. However, what usually results are notes, drawings and hand-sketched designs that potentially lead to misunderstandings and installation disasters.

At VizX Design Studios we believe that "a picture is worth a thousand words", so we bring a different philosophy by "managing your vision". Our modern design approach brings your indoor living style to your outdoor living space; creating an extension of your home. We use your thoughts, concepts and tastes to select furniture, hardscape materials and other features to create a design that fits your lifestyle.

Bringing the entire project together, we create a 3D visual and video so that you can see what your dream will become. Our 3D design and build print drafting incorporates the outcome of all of your outdoor living dreams with detailed blueprint for builders and contractors.

VizX Design Studios gives you the power by creating the design.


  • Responsibility and Quality
  • Customer Service and Commitment
  • Continuous Comprehensive Work Quality
  • Cutting Edge and Innovation
  • Creativity and Efficiency


Our team consists of talented Outdoor Living and Home Improvement designers, with more than two decades of experience in home improvement design, 3D rendering, planning and managing outdoor construction. We KNOW what you need to plan any size project!

Our professional and innovative support Staff, are dedicated in providing you with the best service in order to meet our clients objectives while building long-lasting client relationships. VizX Design Studios has successfully executed local & international 3D designs, and 3D rendering projects.


  • Multiple Articles in Pool Life Magazine
  • Best of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015
  • National Design Awards ranging from 2012 to 2014

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